Dr. Kenneth Hughes

Dr. Kenneth Hughes grew up in Dearborn, Michigan and attended Fordson High School. He graduated from Henry Ford Community College and then in 1986 graduated with honors from Sherman College of Chiropractic. Dr. Hughes has served on the Board of Sherman College as well as on national and state level chiropractic boards.  Dr. Hughes served as president of the Michigan Chiropractic Association and he was named Michigan Chiropractor of the Year in 1998 and 2004. He has received numerous awards including most recently the Visionary Award for Michigan in 2017.

Dr. Hughes has been in private practice since 1991. His therapies include chiropractic techniques such as instrumentation, traction and manual adjusting. Each patient is evaluated to determine the best technique needed to address their specific needs.  In addition to traditional chiropractic, Dr. Hughes also advises patients in diet, exercise and nutrition utilizing Standard Process products.

Dr. Kenneth Hughes has helped thousands of patients experience improved health. He is highly recommended and he takes pride in the stellar care that he provides his patients.

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